Smart Traveller Irrigation System (STIS)

It is time to change the way that manage your traveller irrigation with STIS (Smart Traveler Irrigation System). By upgrade existing traveller and pump control system, you gain the advantages of the STIS:

  • Remote control your pump by Smart Phone / Pad / PC
  • Real time location update of the Traveller on Smart Phone/ Pad / PC
  • Auto pump stop when Traveller (winch) finished irrigation or out of path
  • SMS notification of Over / Under pressure, stop, out of path
  • Enhance productivity, save electricity and water, improve operation safety

Smart Traveller Features:

  • Powered by solar, hydroelectric generator and battery
  • RTK-GPS Rover
  • 4G/3G mobile communication
  • Realtime alert by SMS
  • Status/position update
  • Auto Pump Off and Send Notification when winch is out of path
  • Auto Pump Off and Send Notification when finished irrigation
  • Auto Pump Off and send notification when Traveller stand still over time
  • Start / Stop position delay setting
  • Irrigation scheduler

Remote Control Pump features:

  • Manual / Remote operation mode selection
  • Remote Control pump On/Off
  • Auto pump off if below or over pressure limits
  • RTK-GPS Base station
  • 4G/3G mobile communication
  • Remote auto priming (option)
  • Remote VFD control (option)
  • Remote generator on/off (option)
  • LoRa Sensor Gateway (option)
  • Connection: CAN Bus, RS235 / 485